Korean classes info. in March

– Starts on 5(Monday), March : March. 5.(Mon.) ~ March. 31.(Sat.)
– It’s possible to register and begin lessons anytime. If you want to start studying Korean immediately, register and take lessons NOW!
– If you miss your class, you can make up classes at a different regular classes within the scheduled month. In this case, the classes that you make up may be different with your level and teacher.

Classes of March : March. 5.(Mon.) ~ March 31.(Sat.)

1. 4weekday classes a week : March. 5(Mon.) ~ March 30(Fri.)

2. 5weekday classes a week : March 5(Mon.) ~ March 30(Fri.)

3. Conversation 10days a month

– Conversation Mon./Wed./Fri.(10days a month) : March 5(Mon.) ~ March 28(Wed.)

– Conversation Tue./Thur./Fri.(10days a month) : March. 6(Tue.) ~ March 30(Fri.)

4. Regular TOPIK1, TOPIK2 & Intensive TOPIK1, TOPIK2

– TOPIK Mon./Wed. : March 5(Mon.) ~ March 28(Wed.)

– TOPIK Tue./Thur. : March 6(Tue.) ~ March 29(Thur.)

5. Conversation/TOPIK Saturday classes

– March 10, 17, 24, 31(4days a month)